Earning points is easy! Follow the three easy steps.

Loyalty Programme Terms

To register for loyalty points you will need to create an account with our website. Accounts can be created on the website or on the following link. Register for an account.

You will receive 5 Points for every £1.00 of your order value. If the order total is not a round figure, your Points will be rounded to the nearest £1 e.g. for an order totalling £8.30 , you will receive 40 points; for an order totalling £8.80 , you will receive 45 Points).

You can also earn extra points on certain special offers and promotions. These will be advertised on the website or within a newsletter during the times they are valid.

Your Points will be credited to your account once your order has been paid in full and it is also confirmed as completed in our system. 

Should the value of your order decrease (e.g. returned product, etc.), you will only be credited with Points for the actual amount paid.

1 Point is equal to 1 pence. Points are not transferrable for cash.

Points last 6 months from the date they were credited and must be used within this time.

By registering with an account we will send you transactional emails and updates with your points and expiry dates.

Points are not transferable to other accounts

We reserve the right to amend these terms without prior notice.