Build Your Pick & Mix

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Build Your Own Pick & Mix, choose from a huge selection of pick and mix sweets. Just as good as they used to taste from Woolworths! Fast delivery

Build Your Pick & Mix

Build a Pick & Mix Pouch 700grams


Build Your Pick & Mix

Build a Pick & Mix Bucket 1.6KG


Build A Sweet Hamper

The Big Sweet Bundle


Build Your Pick & Mix

Build A Monster 7KG Sweet Pouch


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Everyone loves pick and mix sweets and one of the best things about pick and mix is the ability to choose the sweets that you want! We know that everyone loved Woolworths in the 90's, which is why we decided to bring pick and mix to online shopping.

Our "Build your own" Pick & Mix pouches are the best way to enjoy the sweets that you love. Depending on the size of pouch you choose, you can select up to 30 different sweets. Our pick and mix range includes all of the classic sweets such as white mice, vanilla fudge, sour dummies and even chocolate jazzies. 

We have a huge range of fizzy, sour, gummy, chocolate and marshmallow sweets to choose from. Each scoop will weigh approx. 50grams, however this can vary, but we do guarantee your pouch will be at least the minimum average weight stated.

We have a 5 star food hygiene rating and all staff are equipped in the correct PPE, meaning we can ensure your sweets will arrived in top condition.

If you would like your pouch packed on social media, please drop us an email and we might be able to do this too!