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Do you miss the sweets of your childhood? We have sweets from the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s & all of the modern day sweets.

Whether you are treating yourself or someone else, we have something for everyone.

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Sweet Shop | Retro Sweets, Pick & Mix | Hampers, Jars & Gifts

Welcome to Posted Sweets your online shop for classic Pick ‘N’ Mix Sweets, Retro Sweets, Traditional Hard & Boiled Sweets, American Candy and British Sweets. We sell all of your favourite sweets in small quantities and in sweet jars and gift boxes.

Pick ‘N’ Mix sweets; We have a great selection of Pick ‘N’ Mix sweet hampers & jars which are ideal for gifts. We also have a section of the website where you can build your own Pick ‘N’ Mix hamper ideal for a gift – or yourself!

Our sweets are perfect for Birthday gifts, Christmas presents, Halloween treats, Mothers day gifts and Fathers day. Our boxes and gifts of sweets are ideal for every occasion.

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