Our sweet shop sells 100’s of different types of sweets, we stock everything from retro & American candy to pick ‘n’ mix sweets. We offer a selection of dietary specific sweets, suitable for vegans and people with allergens. We have a great selection of gift hampers, sweet jars & other sweet gifts ideal for any occasion or any person with a sweet tooth!

Sweet Categories

Posted Sweets

Welcome to Posted Sweets, we are your online sweet shop for all pick and mix sweets, retro Sweets, and traditional hard & boiled sweets, We also sell a range of American Candy and well known British Sweets. We sell all of your favourite sweets in small quantities and in sweet jars and gift boxes. It’s not always easy to find a sweet shop near you and in recent years the internet has boomed with more and more people buying candy online. We are a full time business working from a very large warehouse, we offer next day delivery alongside other delivery options.

Online Sweet Shop

Our sweets shop sells some of the most delicious and yummy sweets many of which have been a favourite for people since childhood. We have everything from retro classics like Anglo Bubbly to modern sweets such as Tongue Painters which will turn your mouth a variety of colours!

Our sweet shop is so sweet! We have made it easy for you by arranging our stock into categories such as fizzy sweets, gummy sweets, chocolates, bonbons, boiled sweets. One of our most popular products is our build your own pick & mix pouches, with this you can choose from nearly 100 different sweets all sealed into a pouch.

We sell sweets for people with dietary needs and under this category comes vegan, vegetarian, gluten, dairy and sugar free sweets.

If you are looking for sweets for a party or wedding we have also organised sweets into colours and flavours, allowing you to pick the sweets that suit your theme. We even have a bulk section where you can make some good savings!

Pick N Mix

We love pick and mix sweets and we have become one of the go to places for pick & mix delivery. We have a great selection of pick ‘n’ mix sweets, you can create your very own pouch of sweets! Our pick & mix pouches are legendary, we probably have one of the biggest selections of pick & mix sweets online. We have so many pick & mix sweets it will feel like you are bac in the 1990’s shopping in Woolworths! We also have a section of the website where you can build your own Pick ‘N’ Mix hamper ideal for a gift – or yourself!

Our sweets are perfect for Birthday gifts, Christmas presents, Halloween treats, Mothers day gifts and Fathers day. Our boxes and gifts of sweets are ideal for every occasion

UK Retro Sweets

The British love confectionary and there is a real craze in buying sweets from years gone by. We try our best to stock a large range of retro sweets from many of the oldest confectionary brands in the UK. Although some of the sweets such as Frosties and Jap Desserts are no longer made, we still sell sweets such as Sweet Tobacco (Spanish Gold) & Sweet Peanuts, Our retro sweet shop range is always growing, if there is a sweet you remember, drop us a message and we will tell you if it is still available. Our sweet hampers also includes a range of retro hampers from different eras. So if you are looking for old fashioned retro sweets – we are your number one Retro sweet shop!

Sweet Hampers & Sweet Boxes

We have one of the biggest ranges of sweet box hampers on the internet, we just love making hampers! Our hamper ranges include retro sweet hampers, American sweet hampers, pick & mix hampers, sour hampers and chocolate sweet hampers. We sell seasonal hampers depending on the time of year including Christmas, Valentines, Fathers Day, Mothers day, Halloween and Easter. We even stock dietary hampers which include sugar free, vegan and diary free sweets! We also have a build your own sweet hamper so that you can build a bespoke hamper for your loved one. Gift notes can be added to all of our hampers.