Rekindle your childhood good times with your favourite retro sweets! Choose from some of the most popular sweets of the ‘60s,’70s, ‘80s & ‘90s. We have everything from fizzy sherbet Dip Dabs, Wham bars, & Kola Cubes. To cult classics such as Everton Mints & Koff Candy. Dive into the history of good flavour and start shopping below.

Most Popular Retro Sweets

Not sure which sweets to try? Below you will see a selection of some of our most popular sweets, be sure to check back as this list is updated daily based on what our customers buy.


1960's retro sweets

Flying Saucer Sweets 30g


1970's retro sweets

Sour Dummies (Vegan) 120g


1960's retro sweets

Wine Gums 140g


1960's retro sweets

Fruit Salad 120g


1960's retro sweets

Mini Cola Bottles 140g


1960's retro sweets

Milk bottle gums 100g


Retro Sweet Hampers

Why not show someone you care with one of our retro sweet hampers. These hampers will suit every occasion with hampers in various colours and filled with retro sweets from every decade. You can even add a free gift note to any sweet hamper!


Retro Sweet Jars

Our sweet jars filled with classic pick and mix sweets from the past. You can choose anything from gummy sweets to yummy chocolates to more sour sweets such as sour cherries. Each jar has a screw top lid and is resealable.

Dairy Free Sweets

Pink Foam Shrimp Sweet Jar

Retro Sweets

We are big fans of retro sweets and believe there is no better way to revisit your childhood or your favourite era than to taste the sweets you loved as a kid.

Everyone has memories of buying sweets as a child whether you grew up in the 70’s or 80’s and remember buying chocolate mice and milk chocolate jazzies or if you were a 90’s child who would look forward to all the Haribo sweets and other favourites such as Hubba Bubba fruit flavoured bubble gums. Tasting these sweets again can take you back to your trips down to the local sweet shop with your pennies.

Classic Retro Sweets

We love sweets from all decades and our shop is filled with lots of varieties to choose from. We have jars & hampers of retro sweets and these can make ideal presents and our range of sweets is always growing!


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